Our Activities



There is something to suit everybody. As you will see from the club programme, we have Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday walks and club weekends in the Lake District and elsewhere.

How hard are the walks? It depends on distance, the amount of ascent and the weather. On the programme, walks are graded with a letter to show the distance, followed by a number to show how much ascent there will be. If you want an easy walk, choose grade E which is less than 8 miles and at an easy pace, or Tuesday rambles when the distance is only six miles. We have of course to take the weather that we get. On the day, the leader may modify a route if the conditions are too rough. When there is more than one grade of walk on the same day you might go on an easier walk. It is your choice.

The A Plus Rambles take place between April and October and are strenuous. They are intended for experienced ramblers. Contact the A Plus Rambles Secretary, (0191) 528 4617.

Tuesday Rambles. Public transport may be used. If the ramble is marked † then the route passes some bus/metro stops at which you could curtail your walk if you wished to do so. These walks are much enjoyed.

Wednesday Rambles. D grade and E grade walks alternate.  Travel is usually by private car. Drivers may be willing to offer lifts or you may be willing to offer lifts yourself. Telephone (0191) 522 7638 for information. When there is a coach, you will see from the programme how to make a booking.

Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturdays there is a private coach once a month with local walks on other Saturdays. There is always a private coach for the Sunday rambles. The programme shows when and where the coach pick-up starts. You must be there or at one of the other pick-up points listed on the programme in good time as the coach does not wait. On the first occasion, it would be helpful when you book to mention where you intend to join the coach so that we may watch out for you.

Club Weekends and Holidays. These may be in the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales or various parts of Scotland. See "Club Weekends" in the calendar or on the programme for the dates, venues and booking details.

Other activities. Details will be found either in the calendar, or for members, on the back of the club programme. These may include visits to interesting places, a ceilidh or reserved accommodation in a pub for bar meals or quizzes